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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Recent updates

  • Stephen Claughton and Rick Freedman DBC Elections 2019
    Article: Jun 2, 2019

    Dacorum Borough Council Election Results May 2019 - BERKHAMSTED CASTLE

    Thank you to the people of Berkhamsted Castle for their support.

    Sue Beardshaw; Conservative; 640

    STEPHEN CLAUGHTON; Liberal Democrats; 1004; ELECTED

    David Collins; Conservative; 613

    Paul De Hoest; Green; 399

    RICK FREEDMAN; Liberal Democrats; 1078; ELECTED

    Gill Spooner; Labour; 151

    James Spooner; Labour; 90

  • Sally Symington and Nicky Woolner after election May 2019
    Article: Jun 1, 2019

    Dacorum Borough Council Election Results May 2019 - BERKHAMSTED WEST

    Thank you to the people of Berkhamsted West for their support.

    Anthony Armytage; Conservative; 533

    Steve Burdekin; Labour; 12

    Patrick Emery; Labour; 140

    Mary Hardinge; Green; 286

    Peter Matthews; Conservative; 482

    SALLY SYMINGTON; Liberal Democrats; 966; ELECTED

    NICKY WOOLNER; Liberal Democrats; 871; ELECTED

  • Little Tring Lane Footpath Repaired
    Article: May 31, 2019

    Tring is surrounded by beautiful countryside - but we can't just walk where we like. Nearly every green field we see around us is in use in some way or another.

    It's either fallow between crops - rare these days - or used for grazing or for hay or is planted with a commercial crop. And of course it will be owned by someone, possibly in some cases by the County Council. So in real terms access, except in parks of some sort or designated public open spaces, is very much limited to footpaths. This of course means then that access to those footpaths is the important factor.

  • Nigel Taylor and Garrick Stevens DBC Elections 2019
    Article: May 31, 2019

    Dacorum Borough Council Election Results May 2019 - BERKHAMSTED EAST

    Thank you to the people of Berkhamsted East for their support.

    Sian Cusack; Labour; 231
    Rebecca Mackenzie; Green; 469
    Tracy Porter; Conservative; 515
    GARRICK STEVENS; Liberal Democrats; 1139; ELECTED
    NIGEL TAYLOR; Liberal Democrats; 824; ELECTED
    David Ward; Conservative; 395

  • One More MEP
    Article: May 21, 2019

    Based on recent polling, LibDems are best placed to gain an extra MEP at the expense of the Brexit party.

    If you're a remainer, give your vote to us in the East England to deprive Farage's party of a seat.

    Change UK cannot win a MEP seat based on polling in the East England and Labour do not currently have a strong Remain position

  • Phil McDowell
    Article: May 21, 2019

    Dacorum Borough Council Election Results May 2019 - ALDBURY & WIGGINTON

    Phil McDowell Liberal Democrats 522 Elected

    Stan Mills Conservative 305

    Phil McDowell who combines running the family business, plus another company of his own in nearby Pitstone, knows this part of the Chilterns well from his childhood.

  • Nick Hollinghurst and Christopher Townsend
    Article: May 19, 2019

    Dacorum Borough Council Election Results May 2019 - TRING WEST & RURAL

    Thank you to the people of Tring West & Rural for their support.

    Olive Conway; Conservative; 529
    Mike Hicks; Conservative; 507
    NICK HOLLINGHURST; Liberal Democrats; 899; ELECTED
    Roger Oliver; Green; 438
    Peter Scott; Labour; 171
    CHRISTOPHER TOWNSEND; Liberal Democrats; 824; ELECTED

  • Euro Candidate Barbara Gibson in Berkhamsted
    Article: May 19, 2019


    Tring, Berkhamsted & Northchurch today held a successful Euro Campaign stall in Berkhamsted.

    They were joined by the first placed Liberal Democrat Euro candidate, Dr Barbara Gibson who was out and about meeting voters on the High Street.

    Barbara Gibson visited Berkhamsted to meet some of the new Liberal Democrat councillors who were successfully elected to Dacorum Borough Council in the May 2019 local elections.

    Remember, in the European Parlimentary Election on Thursday 23rd May you have one vote and must vote for a party.

    Please vote for the Liberal Democrats.

    From left to right in the photograph:

    Cllr Phil McDowell; Sharon Bowles, Baroness Berkhamsted; Cllr Nigel Taylor; Cllr Sally Symington; Berkhamsted Town Cllr Peter White; Cllr Lara Pringle; Hertfordshire County Councillor Dr Barbara Gibson; Cllr Stephen Claughton; Cllr Nicky Woolner; Cllr Geraldine Corry and Cllr Garrick Stevens, who is also the Leader of Berkhamsted Town Council.

  • Roxanne Ransley and John Bowden Elected to DBC
    Article: May 17, 2019

    .Thank you to the people of Tring Central for their support in the 2nd May Dacorum Borough Council Elections

    The results for the Ward of Tring Central are as below:

    Mark Anderson UKIP 145

    JOHN BOWDEN Liberal Democrats 570 ELECTED
    Geraint Cooksley Labour 135
    Stephen Hearn Conservative 461
    Phil Hills Conservative 350
    Mary Hodgskiss Green 319
    ROXANNE RANSLEY Liberal Democrats 730 ELECTED

    The turnout was 37%

    This represents a Liberal Democrat GAIN of one seat from the Conservatives.

    John and Roxanne are seen here at the Forum in Hemel Hempstead.

  • Bus Stop Blues in Tring April 2019
    Article: May 14, 2019

    The picture shows the scene in Tring opposite the church at five to nine in the morning in the week before the election.

    On 24th April, what should have been the half eight o'clock 500 bus to Aylesbury broke down in Station Road - it was one of the rare 500s that still use the "Cow Lane Loop".

    Passengers waiting in Tring weren't to know of course, though there was not much they could do about it by then. Their patience was remarkable, though it might just have been resigned despair.

    After a bit the queue was joined by the bus driver himself, who had reported the breakdown and left his bus in Station Road.

    A few years ago the 500 ran on a 20 minute timetable and gave a reasonable service to local people. Now, however the service has been cut to 2 an hour - every 30 minutes.

    This means that if a bus fails to turn up for any reason, passengers are faced with a service gap of at least an hour. In the picture on the left hand side was a young school student who had been waiting an hour and a quarter - having, I suppose, just missed the 8 o'clock bus.

    A bus breakdown at any time is a great inconvenience for passengers but if a service is cut during the morning peak travel time there can be serious consequences. People can be late for work, for school, for appointments, for interviews. There are reports of people losing their jobs or apprenticeships as a result of bus service unreliability, reports of pupils in trouble at school and of infuriated parents reverting to car travel to take their children to school themselves. Breakdowns and other situations leading to service cuts take place all too frequently.

    Bus services are essential to many groups of people, and of course have the potential, if delivered reliably, to reduce the use of private motor cars during the rush hours. They are also there for any of us in an emergency, should our own cars be unavailable or if we cannot drive because of some injury or health problem.

    Bus services are important public services and our local councils at every level must take a far more pro-active approach in ensuring they are provided accessibly, reliably and conveniently. And if this requires some public money to provide direct or indirect support - then we must face that reality.

    Allowing our bus services to continue to fail will lead to increased traffic on our roads, increased delay for motorists, increased air pollution and social isolation for certain groups of vulnerable people.

Nick Hollinghurst