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The Liberal Democrats have a New Leader and a New Programme

New Leader, New Party, New Programme
Hero VinceVince says, "There is much to be patriotic about in Britain today.

It is more tolerant and inclusive than when my late wife and I started an inter-racial family a generation ago. It has great resources of creativity and business talent, of learning and research. There is real generosity of spirit and a sense of community."

"But there is also much that is wrong. There are disfiguring inequalities of wealth and opportunity."

Reducing Inequality Matters

In terms of people's sense of well being and satisfaction, reducing inequality matters far more than the general level of prosperity.

High inequality destroys the sense of community, fosters resentment and leads to social tension and increases in crime.

Income Inequality is growing

Post-tax income inequality rose strongly in the 1980's, though it has slowed a little since.

Among developed countries, UK is now one of the most unequal, well behind Scandinavia, Germany and France.

We have become similar to the US, S Africa and post-Communist Russia.

The top 1% are about half a million of mostly middle aged men. They tend to work in financial services, the law or medicine and earn just over £150,000 each.

The super-rich (the top 0.1%) are roughly 50,000 people earning £1+ million per year.

Wealth Inequality is growing

The Resolution Foundation now estimates that the top 1% of adults - 488,000 people - own 14% of the UK's assets. That's about £3.16 million each.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale, 15% of adults (7.3 million people) either have no assets at all or are in debt.

Social Mobility (Pew Foundation)Social Mobility in UK is worse than in US

These inequalities make Social Mobility in the UK one of the worst in the world.

Here, by and large, your prosperity and wealth depend on your father's.

If he was poor, you'll be poor - if he was rich, you'll be rich.

Not very fair, is it?

Lib Dems will Work to Put This Right by:

• improving equality of opportunity
• integrating tax and National Insurance
• taxing wealth fairly to finance education
• putting a penny on tax to fund the NHS
• direct measures like changes to the Minimum Wage