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Unanimous Support as Hertfordshire County Council Declares a Climate Emergency and Calls on Government to Fund Sustainable Development Goals.

August 17, 2019 1:07 PM
Originally published by West Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats

Environment Solar PanelsLast month on 16th July, proposed by the Conservative Leader David Williams and seconded by Liberal Democrat Leader Stephen Giles-Medhurst with Labour Party support, Hertfordhire County Council unanimously passed a motion declaring a "Climate Emergency".

The motion also called upon the Government to fund the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as set out in the Government's own Policy Paper "A Green Future" and committed the County Council to develop and implement an overarching Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy to achieve these locally.

The full text of the all-party motion is as follows:

"In January 2018, HM Government published "A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment". On 12th June 2019, the Prime Minister heralded the end the UK's contribution to climate change by setting a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. At its recent conference in Bournemouth, the Local Government Association (LGA) agreed a motion that:

• Calls upon Her Majesty's Government to explore supporting domestic implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals through funded partnership roles within each local authority area; and
• Encourages councils to continue their work on linking their local
priorities with the overall ambitions of the SDGs; and
• Declares a "Climate Emergency", and commits to supporting councils in their work to tackle climate change by providing a strong and unified voice for councils in lobbying for support to address this emergency, and sharing best practice across all councils.

Wind TurbinesHertfordshire County Council's sphere of influence is broad with the ability to influence carbon emission reductions, improve air quality, promote energy efficiency, seek more sustainable sources of energy, reduce waste production, promote better land use practices, make links to health and wellbeing and influence procurement practices.

The Council's existing initiatives include an Air Quality Strategy, Energy Strategy, a Climate Change Resilient Communities Strategy, a Pollinator Strategy and the Leading by Example working group.

To fortify and coordinate the Council's existing initiatives, contribute to the national imperatives and provide local leadership:

• This Council agrees the declaration of a "Climate Emergency";
• Calls upon the Leader of the Council to commit to the development and implementation of an overarching Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy. This will set out the policies, strategies, implementation plans and resourcing requirements to embed the values of sustainability into the Council's service delivery, operations, procurement and supplier management as well as the basis for engaging proactively with the County's many stakeholders, including the 10 Local Planning Authorities, who can contribute to a sustainable Hertfordshire; and
• Seek Cabinet approval of an ambitious Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy by the end of 2019."

Nissan Leaf rechargingThe motion was then voted upon and CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.
The recorded vote being:

Those in favour (72):
D Andrews; J M Graham; A Plancey; D A Ashley; L Greensmyth; S Quilty; S Bedford; F Guest; N A Quinton; N Bell; J S Hale; I M Reay;

J Bennett Lovell; D Hart; R M Roberts; P Bibby; K M Hastrick; A F Rowlands; J Billing; T C Heritage; R Sangster; S N Bloxham; D J Hewitt; R H Smith; S J Boulton; F R G Hill; S J Taylor; A P Brewster; N A Hollinghurst; R A C Thake; S Brown; T W Hone; R G Tindall; E H Buckmaster; T Howard; A S B Walkington; F Button; T R Hutchings; M A Watkin; L A Chesterman; S K Jarvis; J A West; H K Crofton; J R Jones; C J White; R C Deering; J S Kaye; A D Williams; T L F Douris; A K Khan; J D Williams; D S Drury; J G L King; P T Williams; M A Eames-Petersen; P V Mason; T J Williams; S J Featherstone; G McAndrew; C B Woodward; B A Gibson; M B J Mills-Bishop; C B Wyatt-Lowe; S B A F H Giles-Medhurst; A J S Mitchell; W J Wyatt-Lowe; E M Gordon; M D M Muir; J F Wyllie; S Gordon; R G Parker; P M Zukowskyj.